Internal Medicine

Know What's Going On With Your Health

Know What's Going On With Your Health

Schedule a pre-employment or immigration physical in El Paso, TX

When it comes to disease, prevention truly is worth a pound of cure. Internal medicine is specifically focused on how to prevent disease in adults. If you're looking for a physician in El Paso, TX, come to Chez Therese Medical Center, PA. Your doctor will review your family history, order labs and come up with a plan to keep you in good health.

If we find a health issue, we'll teach you how to manage it. Call 915-613-3010 now to schedule an annual physical, pre-employment physical exam or immigration physical exam in El Paso, TX.

It's time to schedule your annual physical exam

Are you long overdue for a physical exam? Are you required to get a pre-employment physical exam? You shouldn't put it off any longer. Here's why:

  • It's a good time to make sure all of your immunizations are up-to-date
  • It will allow you to establish a relationship with your primary care provider
  • It could alert you to serious health conditions, such as COPD, high cholesterol or diabetes

If you need an immigration physical exam, we're authorized by USCIS. Make an appointment today.